Loveland Farmers Market Donation Drive – August

We need 5-6 people to help give out tickets and to watch the doors of the Loveland Farmers market. In return for us helping with the event all proceeds from the beer garden will be donated to the CATS to help us pay for new equipment and cover future event costs. The event is very relaxed and should end by 1:30 pm s that you can still enjoy the entire afternoon. Throughout the day you will be…

No Barriers Campus – Rescheduled event

Snow - can we get a break now? This was the event for 11-12 May and now we have a good weekend to get back at it. All the paperwork is the same and I suspect the menu will be about the same. Better weather for sure. Campfires, rock climbing and more. Of course we will work out another carpooling rendezvous, gate times and such. I hope all that wanted to attend in May will have this weekend open…

Round Mountain – make up event

Short Notice - No Barriers event cancelled due to snow. But - Round Mountain should be good to go. Young Gulch is on same weekend but may have snow back in there also. Those CATS that are closer in to town and want to get out - here is a great opportunity. Most of you know where the work is and where to park - for others you can use this link below and see the park right across the street in the…

Rotary Park Climbing Area

Work was started last Wednesday (due to holiday) and we are now back on Thursdays. I understand some more needed steps can go in and some trail closures for the evening. Can be real hot here as the afternoon sun hits the climbing walls. Bring water for sure and sunblock, sunglasses.  

Rotary Park – Wednesday – July 3 – in front of holiday

We are back in the north for all those FC folks and here is an opportunity to come out and work exclusively on stone steps. We are to install lots of stone steps to act as check steps in drainage issues, install some drainage's, close down some renegade trails. We will have lots of company with the active user group there - climbers. Parking passes will be needed for your vehicle to avoid getting…

A Trail – FCNA

Yes - we are back for sure. Rained out last week, we need to finish this work. REI folks were there last week and helped out a lot and we certainly encourage them to come out again - same place - same time. Check ramps, drainages, busting off tripper rocks, rip rap building, RGD and more...this project will give a taste of just about everything and it will look real nice too!

Round Mountain 3 – CANCELLED – Weather

We should be finishing up the rough in mono-wall area and starting new trail. There will be some rock hounds to start on new stone staircase at Viestenz-Smith Mtn park and across the road opposite with a staircase. Therefore, we may be parking in both places...No worries - most that have been out there know how to find CATS and the work...See you there!  

Round Mountain 2

Back at Round Mountain with a two week vacation behind us, we should be able to do some trail work without weather issues. Center focus on the the middle trail with fixing backslope, dirting in tread, and realigning/fixing existing rough mono-wall. Work both ends away from middle. If we get finished we will have two ends of the trail to cut in new tread. Trail width = 24", orange or pink flags…

Round Mountain 3

CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER     We should be thinking about installing stone steps with this evenings work. Some members can park at Viestenz-Smith Mtn Park as the work is that close. Others will be in the mountain trail still cutting in new trail or fixing mono-walls. Parking at Round Mtn Trailhead for those folks. Enjoy!