Lake Boedecker
Getting close to tying in with the original piece. More hard work on cutting grassland trails and making a difference! Come on out – we work hard and play hard. This event is right in front of our trek to … Read More
State Forest State Park again
Yes – we finally have a plan to get back there and finish our work for the season. Since we (CATS) are already in the valley at Young Gulch for the Labor Day weekend, some of us (all that sign … Read More
Mariana Butte – the Hidden Hogback Trail
Confirmed delivery for this week. Hey – good news; we are getting another crush load delivered in the same place and some of it will be transferred around to the east side of the trail for distribution. Since the trail … Read More
About Us
Who We Are The Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society (CATS) is a volunteer based non-profit trail building organization (501c3).¬†Addicted to the outdoors and to the continued enjoyment that trails provide, our organization¬†strives to provide quality trail building support to local government … Read More
Home Page
page With picks in our hands and fresh mountain air in our lungs we explore Northern Colorado one step at a time, building and repairing some of the greatest trails in all of Colorado. We are the Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders … Read More
Lake Boedecker – Switched back
We are back at it for the lake trail and we are going to the Wapiti – got surprises! We should blow pass the entrance gate this whack and then some! Bets are on for three more whacks? Thanks so … Read More
Lory State Park – HPE Corporate Day
Meet Up Location: Solider Canyon Parking Area (note we will have passes for you so do not worry about paying on entrance) Time: 9am to 1pm Mountain Time August 16th What to wear: Boots, clothes you dont mind getting dirty, … Read More