Ok, you saw our website or an article in a magazine, or heard from a friend by word of mouth that we are a strange group and the name is rather suspicious. Rightly so, we are different and proud of our name. This page should give some basic philosophies and points on which CATS members behave or operate at every event.
– We are a dedicated group of volunteers that labors outdoor physically working on improving conditions of trails – wherever they are – parks, mountains, open spaces, natural areas. When the opportunity arises, we likewise – help design trail. CATS equally close and re-aligns trails. We work on other things as projects become available to us.
– CATS likes challenges and goes at it full throttle. We are closure driven – but not to the extent of producing sloppy work in a short time frame. We would rather do it right, the correct way, take our time, and produce a quality product.
– We work as partners with all the public agencies that manage their lands. We toil with pleasure as it satisfies our inner self, gives us’ buy in’ to a piece of trail repair, flexes our muscles, fuels comradery, validates accomplishments, stimulates learning, and creates a union of outdoor enthusiasts sharing the same vision.
– We build structures – stone steps, rock walls, drainages, mosaic rock armoring and plenty more. We lift rocks/boulders with the aid of rock carrying devices. We use trail tools; swing; cut; pull; drag; hammer; whack; chop; we use all our muscles to get the job done – safely without injury. We love the outdoors and breathe in all that nature has to give us.
– We take pride in our accomplishments, annotate personal work hours, acknowledge superior products, reward ourselves with high-fives, work for customer compliments, set Mayan stones in place, laugh at obstacles, and wince at smashed fingers, teach land stewardship and respect nature.

Event Day


– Attend to work and family emergencies – understandable – no brainer.

– Provide suitable transportation to the assembly area. Carpooling is recommended.

– Come prepared to work with your hands, body and mind.

– Dress for the terrain, the weather, and the work being performed.

– Bring all items you personally need for working in the outdoors safely for some time.

– Bring prescribed medications, inhalers, Epipens, et al. for any personal emergency.

– Watch the weather – if it is raining prior to the assembly time – then the event is cancelled. We do work in light rain – but no thunder or lightning. If there is snow on the ground – obviously we cannot perform work on a trail.

– Enroute: if weather or road conditions warrant public safety announcements, then CATS events are cancelled. Snowing, flooding, atrocious weather conditions – stay home.

– If the trails or worksite is too muddy – we do not damage the trail more by slopping around in the mud.

– If the worksite is deemed unsafe – we call off the event.

– Lacking leadership: If CATS does not have sufficient crew leaders for our event – then we cancel.

– Check the website, email leaders, or call if in question of an event scheduled.

– Take water & snack breaks, don’t wait to be told. Drink a lot of water.

– We take breaks several times as a group. Talks or training moments happen during the break.

– Plan on having a great experience. Put in sweat equity on a project and relax later with trail comrades ingesting food and drink.


– Come to the event sick – stay home – get well.

– Even consider participating with us under the influence of any substance that inhibits your mental abilities. That includes the new Colorado Marijuana law, which does not apply in our group outings. If you are over medicated with prescription drugs, consumed with alcohol and/or illegal drugs – stay home.

– Come with bad attitude, problems from work, or family matters that will overwhelm you; unless the work is therapeutic for you and provides a release that is not injurious or infectious to others….be happy

– Come to an event real late….be on time…unless you make arrangements to find us on the trail, or have contacted the leaders and let them know you are running late.

– Go wandering off on a trail hike or leave the project without checking out with one of the leaders.

– Plan on playing with your gadgets…..we work – we don’t play games or answer phone calls or peck away with constant texting/twittering. Please turn them off or just answer emergency calls (if you are lucky to have receptions).