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4 days ago

Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society

There’s a saying in the CATS organization, if we ever have over 12 volunteers on one project, then our founder and trail director would eat his hat. Well thanks to the 15 volunteers we had last week at Boise we were able to finally witness bob eat his hat (and in his words “it was delicious”).

Today’s build at the Boise Ave project went great, thanks to some determined volunteers we were able to finish off the last few causeways and were able to finish filling in the crusher section. Depending on our volunteer count next project, we should be able to finish the Boise Ave Project on the next build day (in June).

Next week we are off to our next trail site at oxbow east (off of Rossum and Eisenhower) to begin prepping the site for the national trails day event June 2nd. If you are free then please join us next week.

See you on the trail.

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more pictures:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xQg_4tMEbeb6rMi6d56GwwRBzb36DQZW ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society

Though the rain delayed us a bit, 9 CATS still challenged the elements and joined up at the Boise project to get more beautiful new trail built on Saturday May 12. With little hesitation the crew went straight to work filling in more crush for the previously build trail sections and building a few causeways next to the river.

Join us next Thursday as we push to finish up the last few sections of the trail, all are welcome and the more the merrier: trailcats.org/volunteer/

Full project report: coloradotrailcats.blogspot.com/2018/05/misty-wet-cats-may-12-city-of-loveland.html?m=1

Additional photos: drive.google.com/open?id=1G2OXkId3jNbHaFcmr4KdRbe5a-_LcNFX

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Trailbuild Update (May 12)

Seems like we don't get rain around here and then it comes too much.

Short story - on hold for today - check your email at noon. Could be a break in the weather.

Right now at 8 am - too cold and drizzling here in Loveland. No need to be cold and wet working outside. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society

With one of the largest turn outs this year (15 awesome volunteers), the CATS attacked the Boise Ave trail project on Thursday in an attempt to get back on schedule after a prior rain cancellation. Two crews worked tirelessly to build some beautiful new trail, one focusing on a stone causeway next to the river and the second focusing on filling in already cut trail with crush. Overall great time and can’t wait until next weeks build.

If you are free Thursday then come out and join us: trailcats.org/volunteer/

Full project report: coloradotrailcats.blogspot.com/2018/05/full-house-cats-bring-out-members-may.html?m=1

event album: drive.google.com/open?id=1RJwzAP6KX0pJXTxWxdMJaaf_h1eHACtA

Hope to see you on the trail.

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2 weeks ago

Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society

Some members of CATS and associates attended a unique rock handling class at Eldorado Canyon State Park on Saturday May 5th. The all-day class involved learning how to split stone with two methods and extensive rigging of ropes, cables, grip hoist, and blocks in trees to lift heavy stone and place uphill if necessary. WRV hosted the event and provided at great lunch. Cat, Connie, Bob, Scott, Mick and Kendra attended.

#rockwork #newtrail #training

drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tdz2tJBI3PyOppkW2HwgL0MLzere1Dab ... See MoreSee Less

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