Board's Responsibility

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the CATS relies on a Board of Directors to help guide the organization. This Board is responsible for making sure that all financial and public relation decisions align with the CATS mission, values and goals. They also jointly oversee and provide assistance with all activities hosted by the organization.

Meet the CATS Board of Directors

Brandon Smith

Role: President

Trailbuilding Since: 2016

Bio: Graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in engineering, Brandon moved to Colorado in 2016 for work (HPE) and began trailbuilding just weeks after unpacking his boxes. He is an outdoor nut with a love for the mountains, spending any non-trailbuilding weekend hiking, climbing, skiing and camping.

Bob Johnson

Role: Vice President/Trails Director

Building Trail Since: 2001

Bio: Founder and organizer of CATS, created in May 2007 in Colorado Springs CO. Retired active/reserve US Navy for 28 years and Design Engineer at Washington Gas Light CO for 24 years in Springfield VA. Over 20 years of trail building/repairs, crew leader, trails construction and leadership instruction. Likes hiking/history recreation/running/collecting/travel/volunteering. Graduate of Colorado Christian University, BS in Organizational Management and Human Resource.

Dean Sindorf

Role: Secretary

Building Trail Since: 2013

Bio: California native, moved to Colorado for graduate school in 1977. Graduated from CSU with a doctorate degree in Chemistry and Physics in 1981 and started work at Chemagnetics, a small Fort Collins company, to design superconducting magnets used in clinical MRI and NMR spectrometers. Retired in 2014, after a 30+ year career of software and digital electronics engineering. Since then have enjoyed participating in Colorado volunteer opportunities, particularly trail work in the summer months and mentoring for the Poudre High School robotics team in the winter and spring.

Jim  Broderick

Role: Treasurer

Building Trail Since: 2015

Connie Johnson

Role: Director on Board

Building Trail Since: 2001

Bio: Engineer by day. Trailbuilder at all other times. Started trailbuilding in 2001 when Connie and family moved to Colorado. Worked with various agencies and trail orgamizations in the Colorado Springs and No Co area. Served on various Boards in the past as Treasurer and Secretary. Currently serving on CATS board as a member at large.

Lynn Formanek

Role: Director on Board

Building Trail Since: