Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society
Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society
With picks in our hands and fresh mountain air in our lungs we explore Northern Colorado one step at a time, building and repairing some of the greatest trails in all of Colorado. We are the Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society (CATS) and we are volunteers that are devoted to helping the local community build and maintain hiking, biking and equestrian trails that will last for decades.

About Us

The Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society (CATS) is a 501c3 Non-profit organization devoted to designing, building and repairing trails in the Northern Colorado Area. We work in partnership on trail and outdoor projects with various state and local parks, open lands/spaces, non-profit organizations and other like-minded trail groups to maintain the quality and safety of our pathways to nature. Our work ethic and stewardship provokes the citizens of Northern Colorado to get out and experience the wonders of this area’s natural surroundings. Check where we spent most of our time in 2016 in the graphic to the right:

City of Loveland - 2016
City of Fort Collins - 2016
Larimer County - 2016
Colorado Parks and Wildlife - 2016
Partner Trailbuilding Organizations - WRV, OMBC, VOC, PWV - 2016

Celebrating 5 years of building

CATS History, Mission & Goals

Founded 2007 in Colorado Springs, CO. the CATS was expanded in 2013 to Nothern Colorado.
CATS Mission
To promote land stewardship and impart trail skills and trained leaders to the Northern Colorado community.
CATS Goals
To provide quality trail building expertise in trail design, development and repair for our land agencies.

Meet Our Officers

Brandon Smith
Bob Johnson
Field Director/Vice President
Dean Sindorf
Jim Broderick

2016 Stats

Number of Trailbuilding Events
Feet of Trail Constructed/Restored
Stone Steps installed
Estimated Dollar Savings Provided to Agencies


Nathan Boschmann – Stewardship Coordinator Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Northern Colorado

Bob and his CATS trail crew have been providing technical guidance and mentorship to WRV volunteer crew leaders on these projects enabling us to tackle much more technical work than we have done in the past, and building the skills in our leadership for future projects........ With an infectious love for the outdoors and a commitment to preserving Colorado’s Public Lands, Bob and his organization CATS continue to bring his knowledge, expertise, and skill to making Colorado a better place for all of us to recreate.

Larry Butterfield – Park Manager Lory State Park

Being a trail based park with over 26 miles of trail we rely heavily on volunteers to assist keeping our trails in best possible condition.  Bob’s team from CATS has helped lead the charge in putting hundreds of hours on renovating Shoreline Trail.  Shoreline Trail is a popular trail for geologists and people accessing Horsetooth Reservoir.  Hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians all use this trail.  Upon completion of this trail restoration of Shoreline the final product makes for an exceedingly improved visitor experience.

Catherine Dillon – Service Learning Educator City of Fort Collins, Natural Areas Department

In 2014, CATS joined Natural Areas’ Adopt-a-Trail program and quickly became our “go-to” for technical trail maintenance Natural Areas does not have the staff capacity to complete or supervise. CATS projects have included construction of features such as turnpikes, grade reversals, reroutes and trail closer. CATS members have even served as Crew Leaders at Natural Area’s community volunteer events.......One of the things I value most about the group is their ability to complete high quality work independently, while still taking direction from the managing agency in a professional manner.

Joel Schwab – Trails and Open Lands Project Supervisor Larimer County Department of Natural Resources

C.A.T.S. has been a real big help to our Trails Program and a group that we can rely on yearly to come and work several projects for us. They have assisted in multiple trail projects that include: reroutes, new trail construction, rock steps, armored rock ramps (for bikes), closing of social trails, rock walls, cleaning drains, building switchbacks, helping problem solve and find solutions to specific trail problem areas, and members of C.A.T.S. have acted as Crew Leaders for our larger volunteer projects. They are a very knowledgeable and technically sound trail volunteer group.

Marilyn Hilgenberg – Open Lands and Trails Manager Loveland Parks and Recreation

The Colorado Addicted Trail builders not only assisted us with this new venture but provided technical leadership on the design and location of the trail.  Their work was so well perceived that we solicited leadership and volunteer help with Phases II and III of the Mariana Butte Trail System which extends the trail to the top of Mariana Butte and a future trail north to the Big Thompson River.  The City of Loveland’s open lands and trails program has limited resources and expertise in soft-surface trail construction and has heavily relied on CATS to help us further our program goals.

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